D H Λ Y  D H Λ W Y Λ N  


D H Λ Y  D H Λ W Y Λ N  Λrchitects & Urbanism


DHAY DHAWYAN Λrchitects & Urbanism is an architecture and urban design practice and consulting group based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The firm was founded in 2016. We work with private clients, government entities, and other organizations. We are motivated by contributing to the greater good of our society, the built environments and the design discipline. Our goal is to explore new possibilities that result in conscientious built environment of all scales.


Each project brings with it a unique array of complexities and requirements that stimulate our design vision and inspire our creativity. We translate these complexities into design and architecture that exudes functionality, timelessness, innovative thinking, sustainable strategies, and exceptional design. We work closely with our clients, expert consultants, and specialists from across different fields to design innovative projects at multiple scales of urban, architectural, interiors and exhibitions.


Sensing the need for a new vision of architectural practice in the region, this firm is founded with the intent of influencing and provoking the Idea of Arabian architecture beyond its traditional identity of patterns and calligraphy. We contextualize our architecture in ways that are conducive to its purpose and functionality, adaptive to our local environment, and innovative in communicating our modern culture and identity.